EVENT | 2017 Illegal Wildlife Trade Symposium

The BIOSEC research team are chairing a panel on Biodiversity and Security at the Oxford Martin Programme on the Illegal Wildlife Trade First Annual Symposium, 25-27 September, University of Oxford.

The Oxford Martin Programme on the Illegal Wildlife Trade holds its First Annual Symposium, Evolving Perspectives on the Demand for Illegal Wildlife Products, from 25-27 September.

The aim of the symposium is to share new ideas and approaches to better understand and address the issues caused by illegal and unsustainable wildlife trade, discuss practical and pragmatic possibilities to move forward and bridge the gap between academia and practice.

The BIOSEC research team are very pleased to have been invited to chair a panel on Biodiversity and Security. Taking place on Tues 26th September, the session will explore what is becoming a core concern of conservationists, governments, NGOs and international institutions; namely, the idea that poaching and trafficking constitute security threats. It will focus on militarisation, securitisation, surveillance technologies, intelligence-led approaches and forensics for wildlife crime. In order to foster open exchange, it will be under Chatham House rules.

Registration for the Symposium has now closed, however you can find out more about the conference here. If you are interested in the research being conducted by the BIOSEC team and wish to find out more, please email biosec@sheffield.ac.uk