IPSA 2018 | Call for Papers

Rosaleen Duffy and Adam Simpson co-convene Political Ecology panel at 'IPSA 2018: Borders and Margins'

Rosaleen Duffy is co-convening a panel alongside Adam Simpson (University of South Australia) at the 2018 International Political Science (IPSA) Conference. With the theme ‘Borders and Margins’, the conference runs from 21-26 July in Brisbane, Australia.

Details of the panel and of how to submit a paper are below:


“Political Ecology of Environmental Struggles at ‘the Margins'”

The panel will apply a political ecology approach to the 25th World Congress theme of ‘borders and margins’. Critical analyses of the dynamics of global environmental change are an ideal way of exploring these themes, precisely because environmental change crosses territorial borders, and moves between marine, terrestrial, riverine and atmospheric boundaries. Further, political ecology helps us interrogate the very idea of margins, because it is in many ways a discipline that emerged from the margins (both intellectually and geographically).  Struggles around environmental change are also often found at the global margins, centring on peoples excluded or dispossessed by initiatives, projects and interventions initiated by more powerful and dominant actors in the global system.

Papers are sought that shed light on the distinctive approach of political ecology in understanding these struggles over environmental change and access to, or the distribution of, environmental resources. We welcome papers that address contestations around extractive industries, climate mitigation schemes, such as REDD+, tourism developments, biodiversity conservation, and large scale infrastructural developments (ports, roads, rail-links, dams, pipelines and airports). Papers are encouraged that employ empirical case study data to develop novel, or advance existing, political ecology theoretical approaches. Comparative country studies are particularly welcome.

Please send abstracts of 350 words to r.v.duffy@sheffield.ac.uk and Adam.Simpson@unisa.edu.au

Deadline for submission: 22 September 2017