EVENT | Conservation in conflict and militarised areas – 7 & 8 Nov 2017

BIOSEC to host two-day workshop with members of the Crisis Conversation team, Wageningen University.

BIOSEC are pleased to be co-hosting a workshop with members of the Crisis Conservation research team from Wageningen University, led by Bram Buscher and Lotje de Vries. This two-day workshop, held at the University of Sheffield on 7th & 8th November, is titled Conservation in conflict and militarised areas: Political ecology research towards violence and conflict draws in international expertise in conflict, conservation, political ecology and development.

The aim of the workshop is to critically reflect on conservation efforts undertaken in conflict or other so-called ‘high-risk’ areas. Within conservation cycles it is increasingly argued that conservationists should not shy away from protecting nature in violent conflict areas. However, there has been relatively little reflection on whether ideas, concepts and theories in the critical conservation literature are challenged, or need reflection, when applied to spaces where the (often violent) politics surrounding conservation is itself immersed within a larger militarised/violent environment.

The workshop is now full, however you can download a copy of the programme here . If you would like to find out more about this area of research, please email Esther Marijnen (University of Sheffield), Bram Buscher (Wageningen University) or Lotje de Vries (Wageningen University).