NEWS | Rosaleen Duffy at 2018 IPSA World Congress, Brisbane

Rosaleen Duffy is co-convening a panel with Dr Adam Simpson at the 2018 IPSA World Congress, Brisbane, and presenting at the Centre for Excellence in Environmental Decisions (CEED).

BIOSEC’s Rosaleen Duffy is presenting and co-convening a panel at this year’s IPSA World Congress of Political Science in Brisbane, 21-26 July 2018.

The panel ‘Political Ecology of Environmental Struggles at ‘the Margins’ is being held on 23 July, co-convened with Dr. Adam Simpson (University of South Australia). The full panel outline is available here.

Rosaleen has also been invited to present at the Centre for Excellence in Environment Decisions (CEED) on 24 July. An outline of her paper, the Political Ecologies of Security: The Militarization of Conservation’ can be viewed here.