PODCAST | BIOSEC & Bubbles Episode 4: Understanding & Reducing Demand in Wildlife

In our latest podcast, Anh Vu and Jared Margulies discuss demand in illegal wildlife products and the communications campaigns that have developed to try and address this issue, with a particular focus on Vietnam.

Photo credit: Hot Cactus L.A.

Welcome to BIOSEC & Bubbles, our new podcast mini-series! Presented by Laure Joanny and featuring contributions from BIOSEC team members, guest academics and researchers, the series takes an in-depth look at the key issues facing conservation and illegal wildlife trade.

In our fourth podcast, Anh Vu and Jared Margulies share their analysis of the billboards, video clips, T-shirts and other campaigning tools aiming to change the habits of consumers illegally buying plant and animal products.

Stay tuned for the next episode, which we hope to release in June.

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