PODCAST | BIOSEC & Bubbles 5: Drones & Databases – The Appeal of Technology for Conservation

In the final podcast of the series, Laure Joanny & George Iordăchescu discuss how the drones and databases adopted by governments and protected areas are taking the conservation sector into uncharted territory..

Welcome to BIOSEC & Bubbles, our podcast mini-series! Presented by Laure Joanny and featuring contributions from BIOSEC team members, guest academics and researchers, the series takes an in-depth look at the key issues facing conservation and illegal wildlife trade.

In our fifth and (sniff, sniff!) final instalment, Laure Joanny and George Iordăchescu discuss how technologies have been adopted by governments and protected areas to curb poaching and illegal logging. They consider how drones and databases take the conservation sector into the uncharted territory of e-government, workplace monitoring and personal data collection.

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