Our BIOSEC Policy Briefs have now been released!

Spanning a variety of species and issue areas, our aim is to inform and influence key stakeholders and decision-makers engaged in tackling the illegal wildlife trade. They provide crucial information on the drivers and responses to IWT, making recommendations for shaping conservation policies based on the findings of research.  We hope they will be a key resource for shaping conservation policies, and promoting dialogue between stakeholders.

All our briefs are available to download in PDF format. We also have a small number of printed copies available on request via

If you wish to find out more about our research please do get in touch; we would love to hear from you if you have comments/suggestions about our briefs and/or you are keen to share ideas for future collaboration. You can contact team members directly using the email addresses below.


WP1 | ‘The risks of using security approaches in tackling the illegal wildlife trade.’ Author: Rosaleen Duffy. Email:

WP2 | ‘Conservation and Crime: The paradoxical faces of caviar production in the EU’. Author: Hannah Dickinson. Email:

WP 3| ‘Eyes on Earth: Ensuring law enforcement technologies contribute to sustainable and just conservation.’ Author: Laure Joanny. Email: A version of this brief is also available in Indonesian.

WP4 | ‘Supporting community based approaches to reduce poaching’. Author: Francis Massé. Email: 

WP5 | ‘Understanding the motivations of actors engaged in illicit succulent plant trade’. Author: Jared Margulies. Email: A version of this brief is also available in Spanish.

WP 7 | ‘The illegal bird trade from the Western Balkans into the European Union: Drivers and responses’. Author: Teresa Lappe-Osthege. Email:

WP 8 | ‘The Illegal Logging and Timber Trade: Between public security threat and organised crime’. Author: George Iordăchescu. Email:

WP 9 | ‘Reducing demand for illegal wildlife products: is there any way forward?’. Author: Anh Vu. Email:

Full package of Policy Briefs | Downloadable as one PDF.