BIOSEC Bitesize series: Technologies. Taking a look at the key publications, blogs and podcasts that define our research.

Over the next month, we will be focusing on each of our six research themes. Through our ‘BIOSEC Bitesize’ series, we will look back on the key publications, blogs and podcasts that define our research, and offer you a curated reading list for each topic.

First up is…


Technologies such as geo-location databases, connected camera traps, satellite imagery and drones are popular tools in the conservation sector. While there are lively debates around the best technical specifications, or appropriate business models for adoption of technologies, much remains to be uncovered about the social and political impact of these technologies.

Research from the BIOSEC project aims to fill this gap by highlighting what the increased adoption of technologies means for conservation labour. We also examine the impact unprecedented data collection has on communities living in or around conserved areas and protected species. How are their rights, wellbeing and relationship to conservation affected by the presence of these technologies?

Our specific focus is on  the use of technology to help combat illegal logging in Romania, and for conservation management in Indonesia.



Policy Brief  | ‘Eyes on Earth: Ensuring law enforcement technologies contribute to sustainable and just conservation.’ Author: Laure Joanny. Download as PDF.

Zine | ‘Notes on Illegal Wildlife Trade’

Blog | ‘Romania’s forests and a global pandemic: A case of ecological entanglement’

Short film | Technologies

 Podcast | ‘Drones & Databases: The Appeal of Technology for Conservation’