BIOSEC Bitesize series: European Trades. Taking a look at the key publications, blogs and podcasts that define our research.

Through our ‘BIOSEC Bitesize’ series, we are looking back on the key publications, blogs and podcasts that define our research, offering you a curated reading, watching and listening list for each topic.

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European Trades

Narratives around the illegal wildlife trade have largely focussed on exotic and charismatic species outside of Europe. However, there is a substantial trade within Europe, which is described as a “silent hub” of IWT. EU Member States are often acknowledged as transit points for trafficked wildlife; however, the extensive role of EU members states and their citizens in fuelling both the supply and demand for IWT within Europe has been significantly overlooked.

Research from the BIOSEC team addresses this oversight, placing European consumers and species such as sturgeon, songbirds, and timber at the forefront of the discussion. Our research examines the mechanisms by which IWT takes place in Europe, and also analyses the wider impacts of consumption of IWT products on European countries and societies.

We also examine the role of the EU as an institution and significant actor in tackling wildlife crime. With IWT now emerging as an EU policy priority, our research critically analyses the efficacy of EU policy interventions and regulations designed to tackle IWT. In doing so, we highlight how European species and IWT issues are often overlooked by EU policies, aiming to use these insights to inform future policy and practice.

Team members

Hannah Dickinson | Doctoral Researcher –

George Iordăchescu | Post-Doctoral Researcher –

Teresa Lappe-Osthege | Research Associate –


Policy Brief | ‘Conservation and Crime: The paradoxical faces of caviar production in the EU’. Author: Hannah Dickinson.

Policy Brief | ‘The Illegal Logging and Timber Trade: Between public security threat and organised crime’. Author: George Iordăchescu.

Policy Brief | ‘The illegal bird trade from the Western Balkans into the European Union: Drivers and responses’. Author: Teresa Lappe-Osthege.

Comment | The EU Biodiversity Strategy 2030: Problematic Separation of Humans and Nature. 

Policy Response | 2016 EU Action Plan Against Wildlife Trafficking 

Knowledge Exchange | Understanding and Tackling IWT in Europe: Knowledge Exchange at the European Parliament. 22 Jan 2020.

Zine | ‘Birds’

Short film | European Trades

Podcast | Luxury and the Illegal Wildlife Trade