Profs Rosaleen Duffy and Dan Brockington at the PSA Environment Group workshop

Profs Duffy and Brockington present their paper on 30x30

On 9 September the Environment group of the Political Studies Association of the Uk will hold its annual workshop. convened
at Birmingham City University. The workshop focuses on the Twin CoPs of 2021: Imagining and Implementing Transformative Pathways.  Profs Rosaleen Duffy and Dan Brockington will present a new paper on political ecology, 30×30 and justice.

The full workshop programme is here 


Concerns about biodiversity loss have led to ambitious new global targets to prevent or reverse declines in species, such as
protecting 30% of the planet by 2030 (30×30), and ‘Half Earth’ (50% by 2050). This paper will take a political ecology approach to understanding the growth of these planetary scale schemes, the powerful global networks supporting them and their potential impact. 30by30 is advocated by powerful global networks, and are likely to be endorsed at CoP15 of the UN Convention of Biological Diversity (CBD), and link in with wider debates about rewilding and the UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration. However, critics point out that these schemes contain little reflection and detail on what they will mean for people, especially given the long history of conservation’s involvement in violent dispossession, exclusion as well as militarisation and human rights abuses. Proponents of new initiatives argue that they do incorporate the needs and interests of people who would be affected, and point to the ways that such strategies will work with or incorporate local communities and Indigenous Peoples. However, it is proposed that individual countries are given the responsibility to decide on the precise ways in which key ecosystems will be protected in order to meet new international obligations.

Rosaleen Duffy