New paper by Prof Rosaleen Duffy & Dr Francis Massé on violence, conservation & IWT

New chapter examining 'Enforcement-First' strategies in tackling IWT

Professor Rosaleen Duffy and Dr Francis Massé are delighted that their chapter is now out entitled ‘The Integration of Conservation and Security: Political Ecologies of Violence and the Illegal Wildlife Trade’ in the Oxford Handbook of Comparative Environmental Politics, Edited by Jeannie Sowers, Stacy D. VanDeveer, and Erika Weinthal

Rosaleen Duffy

The chapter examines the intersections among violence, security, and the environment. It uses a political ecology lens to analyze the violences that arise from “enforcement-first” approaches in tackling the illegal wildlife trade (IWT) as one aspect of conservation. Growing concern about IWT as a threat to biodiversity and security has led to calls for an urgent response. This has encouraged and facilitated the development of responses that are anchored in law enforcement and militarization. This is in part due to the redefining of IWT as a global security threat because it is deemed as a source of funding for armed groups and involves organized crime networks. The intense focus on the need to tackle IWT has led to shifts in conservation policy, such that anti-poaching operations are often accompanied by considerable levels of violence by conservation authorities.


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